Clear Out Stubborn Clogs

Clear Out Stubborn Clogs

Rely on us for affordable drain cleaning services

Dealing with a clogged drain can be frustrating and time-consuming. Don't let a blocked pipe disrupt your day. Turn to JCR Services to get rid of your clog right away. We provide top-tier drain cleaning services in the Okemos area.

Our Roto-Rooter equipment allows us to clear out any blockages efficiently. Whether you need to unclog a sink or a toilet, our crew can help. Call 517-894-9801 today to arrange for drain cleaning services.

Fix clogged pipes fast

Not sure if your drains need to be cleaned? Here some signs that you might have a clog:

  • Your drains make bubbling or gurgling noises
  • You have standing water in your sink or shower
  • You notice an unpleasant smell in your bathroom
Don't wait around for a clog to get worse. Contact JCR Services today to schedule a drain cleaning appointment.