Keep Your Pipes Safe This Winter

Keep Your Pipes Safe This Winter

Depend on us for pipe thawing services

If your pipes freeze this winter, call on JCR Services right away. As water freezes in your plumbing system, it expands and can cause your pipes to crack or burst. If you're worried about frozen pipes, we can help.

Our equipment allows us to thaw your pipes safely and efficiently. We charge a flat rate of $100 for thawing services. Call 517-894-9801 to speak with a skilled local plumber.

Know the signs of a frozen pipe

Many times, people don't know they have frozen pipes until it's too late. Most of your plumbing system is out of sight, so it's hard to tell when things start to freeze. Here are some signs that you can look out for:

  • Your faucet won't produce water
  • You can see frost on the outside of your pipes
  • Your pipes make unusual noises
When temperatures start to drop, rely on the professionals JCR Services. Contact us today to schedule a pipe thawing appointment.